You’re in Good Hands

We’re a senior team, by design. With a blend of senior-level skills and experience, we ensure that every patient who chooses our clinic as their provider gets access to industry-leading care and advice.


Meet the Team

Physiotherapy Auckland Experts

Our team is comprised of young, talented, brilliant professionals with years of experience in their field. Each one offers a unique area of expertise to tend to your physiological therapeutic and rehabilitation needs.

With advanced training and comprehensive knowledge in physiotherapy, we are able to provide sensible clinical advice to ensure your rapid transition to wellness. We work with your best interest in mind to make treatment and rehabilitation as swift and easy as possible.

Working with various athletes and individuals of all ages, we provide pain management, injury treatment and rehabilitation according to the person’s physical needs and capabilities. We can assess, diagnose and then provide a course of treatment for you.

Michelle Rellis - Physiotherapist

Michelle Rellis


Brayden Visser - Physiotherapist

Brayden Visser


Alex Lowen - Physiotherapist

Alex Lowen


Sean Lester - Physiotherapist

Sean Lester


Rebecca Diana - Physiotherapist

Rebecca Diana


Shelley Moana Hiha - Massage Therapist

Shelley Moana Hiha

Massage Therapist

Iona Herbert - Clinic Administrator

Iona Herbert

Clinic Administrator

Gaylene Marinkovich - Clinic Receptionist

Gaylene Marinkovich

Clinic Receptionist