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With a legacy for providing evidence-based physiotherapy on the North Shore for over 35 years, HealthZone is a name trusted to care for everyone in the community, from athletes, to office workers to active individuals.

Founded by respected healthcare professional, David Abercrombie, we are a team of highly qualified physiotherapists, focused on helping patients overcome injury and function better than before.

Our ethos is to consider the body as a whole, offering an integrated approach that focuses on rehabilitating the cause of pain, so you can rebuild resilience in your body and move with confidence. 

Beyond expertise, we know what makes us different is our team’s ability to connect with our clients. We’ve consciously grown our team of therapists based on their alignment to our values and intrinsically welcoming clinic culture.

Through a genuine, down-to-earth and respectful approach we ensure our clients feel heard, supported and confident throughout their healthcare journey.

As practitioners, we are also embedded in the sporting community. We’re proud to be trusted by national, regional and community level teams and athletes to provide professional care to support them in competing in the sports they love.

Our legacy extends to our industry networks, with long-standing and respected relationships with leading doctors, sports physicians, pain specialists and orthopedic surgeons which ensure our patients receive continuity of exceptional care.

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