Injury diagnosis & treatment

Our team are dedicated to expert assessment and diagnostics and then give you a concise rehab plan to help you back to full recovery.

Musculoskeletal screening & injury prevention

Instead of waiting for an injury to occur, why not book in for a screening assessment to shift your mindset towards injury prevention.

Gym based rehabilitation

Our team regularly integrate your rehab into your gym routine with access to rehab memberships at the world-class AUT Millennium gym.


With access to two of the best pools in Auckland, our physio’s will often use hydrotherapy as a way of helping you through early rehabilitation or return to sport programmes.

Neurological physiotherapy

We have one of New Zealand’s leading expert neurological physiotherapists who works with patients with spinal cord injury and all other neurological conditions. Providing access to high level equipment including body-weight support systems and leading technologies.

Acupuncture & Dry needling

Many of our therapists use Western Acupuncture or Dry Needling techniques to help you achieve full function. Your physio will tell you if this may be appropriate for your injury.

Strapping services

Strapping can be a useful tool to help you get back to sport or as a reminder to take care following an injury. Your physio will tell you if this may be appropriate for your injury.

Headache management

Our physiotherapists have conducted post-graduate study in upper cervical (neck) diagnosis and treatment and have expertise in headache management.

Xray and ultrasound referral

Our therapists are able to refer you for xray or ultrasound scans that can be done onsite and then viewed immediately online. Your physio will tell you if this is appropriate for your injury.

Specialist referral

Our team work closely with the best sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and pain specialists in the country. Referrals can be arranged and often priority bookings can be organised.

Massage therapy

Our massage therapists work alongside some of the top sports teams and athletes in the country. They specialise in sports, recovery and relaxation techniques tailored to suit your needs.

Clinical Educator services

Our team of post-graduate qualified physiotherapists work alongside AUT University as clinical educators for undergraduate and post-graduate students. If you are interested in a clinical placement as a student, feel free to contact one of the team!