Rebecca Diana




  • BHSc Physiotherapy
  • Post Grad Diploma in Rehabiliation


Rebecca graduated from AUT in 2008 with her Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and started working in a West Auckland private practice. She quickly gained an interest in sports physiotherapy including injury prevention and management. Rebecca worked for four years with premier and reserve club rugby teams including Waitemata and Kumeu / Helensville. She was the physio for the Western Pioneers team in 2012 when they won the North Harbour competition. 

Rebecca also practiced as a community physiotherapist administering the Otago Exercise Programme which focused on falls prevention for the independent elderly. Through these clients, she developed a curiosity in chronic pain conditions. While she has had plenty of experience in standard post-surgical rehabilitation, she took a particular interest in Functional Reactivation Programmes, which work with people suffering persistent pain and complex recoveries post-surgery or injury. Rebecca takes an interest in working with clients who have exhausted their channels within the health profession for the management of their pain and enjoys the challenge of helping these patients manage their conditions and return to activities of daily living.

To aid in this work, she went on to get her Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation from AUT. Though Rebecca believes that manual therapy is best utilised in conjunction with exercise prescription, she has furthered her skills by obtaining her certificate to practice Dry Needling. She believes shoulder injuries are the most common injury treated by physiotherapists, and can affect anyone from any age group, so she has focused on refining her skills by completing courses and additional training in this field.  

Rebecca’s passions include travel, yoga, cooking, painting, comedy and film – don’t get her started on the topic of movies if you don’t have the time and energy to discuss them with her. She lives in West Auckland with her family and is so passionate about working at Healthzone Physiotherapy that she has continued this commute for the past seven years, tolerating the terrible traffic for her much-loved team of colleagues.  

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