Michelle Rellis


  • Bsc (Hons) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy
  • PG Dip Advanced Physiotherapy: Paediatrics
  • Certified Mulligans Practitioner
  • General well rounded human being!
With over 15 years in the healthcare industry, Michelle calls on an impressive and wide-ranging background to deliver care for both acute and chronic injuries, with a particular focus on paediatric and adolescent care.

Having developed a natural eye for observing and correcting biomechanics as a gymnastics coach in Ireland during her adolescent years, Michelle pursued study at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008. She was awarded an academic excellence internship at Manchester City Academy, where her time on the football sideline gave her early insight into the physical demands of high-level professional sport.

Progressing her early career through hospital departments also means Michelle understands the complexities of post-surgical rehab and the impact of medical conditions on the physical body. Michelle has worked in private practice since 2013, where her exposure to a wide variety of patients and approaches has given her adaptability to find unique solutions for injury care. She takes a very hands-on approach, drawing on her expertise as a certified Mulligans practitioner, a technique which combines joint repositioning with movement to create immediate, long-lasting and pain-free responses.

A growing personal interest in surfing opened new professional pathways for Michelle, who has gone on to pioneer better care for elite-level surfers in New Zealand, collaborating on a high performance system to support Surfing New Zealand athletes. Michelle has since been named as the team physio for the New Zealand surfing team at the summer Olympics.

Michelle has a warm and grounded approach that benefits patients at all ages and stages. Her positivity and humour puts patients at ease, and her natural coaching ability, combined with postgraduate study in paediatric and adolescent care, means she has a unique and engaging approach to treating our younger patients.

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