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Do I need a Doctor’s referral to receive Physiotherapy treatment?

No, a referral is not required although we have many patients who are specifically referred to HealthZone Physiotherapy by their general practitioner or specialist. We can lodge your claim directly with ACC at the time of your first appointment. Your private insurer will let you know if a referral is necessary in order for you to claim reimbursement of your treatment charges.

Does ACC cover the total cost of Physiotherapy treatment?

No.  If the condition is caused by an accident ACC will pay a set fee, but this will not cover the total cost of the treatment.

Does HealthZone have supplementary charges?

Unfortunately ACC continues to reduce the contribution they make for Physiotherapy treatment and so an appropriate supplementary fee will apply.

If covered by ACC how many treatments, am I entitled to?

There are a set number of treatments allowed for specific conditions. Should you require treatment beyond this number, your Therapist can apply to ACC to have cover extended.

How long will I be there for?

The time required for the initial assessment will depend very much on the location and complexity of the injury, and take from between 30 and 60 minutes. Each follow up treatment will last 30 minutes and if more time is required your therapist can make allowances in subsequent bookings.

Does one therapist treat me at all times?

Yes, you will be assessed and treated solely by the same highly qualified therapist. Should the problem take longer than expected to settle then your therapist may request a second opinion from one of the Doctors, Orthopedic specialists or associate physiotherapists at HealthZone. A further specialist referral for a second opinion, specialist advice, or further investigations will be offered should the need arise.

What should I bring?

A referral letter if you have one, X-ray’s, scans, corresponding reports and any relevant medical history.

What should I wear?

This will very much depend on the area being treated but generally loose fitting clothing that can be removed and allow the therapist to access and view the injured area is advisable. Modesty gowns are available if required.
Conditions Managed

Achilles Tendinosis
Arthritic Joints
Back Pain
Calf Strains
Fitness Goals
Fitness Programmes
Flat Feet
Frozen Shoulder
Golfers Elbow
Growing Pains
Gym Programmes
Heavy Bruising
Knee Cartilage
Knee Pain
Hand Sprains
Hip Pain
Labral Tears
Low Back Pain
Lumbar Strains
Muscle Imbalances
Muscle Strains
Neck Pain
Osgood Schlatters
Patellofemoral Pain
Patella Tendinosis
Podiatry Referrals
Postural Problems
Post Operative Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Programmes
Rotator Cuff Strain
Running Regimes
Sacro Iliac Joint Strains
Sever's Disease
Shoulder Dislocations 
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Instability
Sprained Ankles
Sprained Feet
Sports Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Weight Management
Wrist Sprains