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tom_ashley_small.jpgI have been using the Physiotherapy services at HealthZone since 2003. I have always found the standard of treatment and advice to be of an extremely high level. I believe that the professionals working at HealthZone Physio are World class and they are a great asset to NZ athletes.

- Tom Ashley (Olympic Gold Medallist Boardsailor)

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Beijing 277_small.jpgI have been lucky enough to have had physiotherapy treatment from David since 2005. From my very first appointment I was blown away by the amount of time he spent investigating my individual injury needs. Appointments were never rushed, and always extremely thorough; and I have always felt that getting on top of my injury in the quickest time possible was his number one priority.

Over the past five years, not only has David been able to sort out every single one of my injuries but he has also contributed greatly to enhancing my over all paddling ability. His years of experience are evident in his skill at injury diagnosis and helping me to improve underlying imbalances to prevent further injury. I have 100 per cent confidence in his ability and know that any injury, no matter how obscure, David will get to the bottom of it and he will always get me on the fast track to recovery!

After five years in and out of the HealthZone complex I have got to know the extended HealthZone team pretty well. There is always a positive vibe and the receptionists are friendly and willing to help point you in the right direction. A real benefit to me of HealthZone is the number of top medical practitioners working under the same roof, which makes it easy to access a broad range of expertise within the one complex. While I prefer to spend as little time as possible sorting out injuries, David and the HealthZone team make being injured a much less painful process!

- Erin Taylor (Olympic Kayaking)

David has work hard to treat both long and short term issues in a professional manner, whilst at the same time developing a friendship which has resulted in me recommending David to others. David's detailed knowledge and ability to apply this to my muscular issues has resulted in fewer weeks lost to injury, quicker recover and a return to sport. I would have no hesitation to recommend David to others wishing to get great treatment
- Marc Love

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My first ever experience of physiotherapy happened twelve years ago when, on a friend’s recommendation, I found my way in a pretty miserable state following spinal surgery, to David Abercrombie.

There, I quickly found a thoroughly professional therapist who quickly gave me the confidence to know that someone understood exactly what my problem was, and that considerable improvement was attainable. I gained much security in the knowledge that I had a mentor whose word I totally trusted. This was again put to the test six years ago after a knee joint replacement.

I moved with David to HealthZone in the Millennium complex and have found the same degree of professionalism, warmth and mentoring in the other physios practising alongside David.

With their ongoing help, I now do five dance classes a week, two sessions of Pilates, walk regularly, and have been able to return to tennis. All this at 73 years of age!

The friendly staff behind the counter give the waiting area a nice welcoming atmosphere – a pleasure to be there, and the waits are never very long.

I highly, and unreservedly recommend HealthZone Physiotherapy at the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health.

Very Sincerely

- Sally R. Tetro



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